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I am a fire survivor that witnessed the recovery of one of the largest fire storms in US history which gave me a unique and highly valued perspective.

I have gathered immense wisdom that can that can save lives, help us ALL be more resilient or even prevent loss of our homes.  Thankfully some very seasoned people in disaster response and recovery agree that the publication I drafted can improve lives.

I am doing this because I wish to take a situation that almost killed me and turn it into a gift for thousands of people.  (And it helps with my own healing by turning this into a positive outcome.)

What is unique about this project is that everyone touched by the project wins because we will ALL be more resilient with the advice  offered.

If you want to meet me you can visit here.  It’s a humble little video… but we learn by doing.

Currently I am taking a break from this project and seeking angel support to nurture my well-being and ability to continue.

Thanks for your interest in being a part this growing, vibrant community!

My wish to the universe has been released.   On 11/11 I was inspired to make this video for someone special who sometimes puts 11 in her name and likes goats.  🙂  It’s not always easy to offer humor and light heartedness to a difficult subject, but I’m willing to try, and I hope you will too.

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No story is told if there is no lesson.
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Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.