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It is my profound belief that we can create a collaborative platform that helps prevent home loss and create more resiliency in recovering from such devastating loss.

By turning my experience of home loss into a gift for thousands of people, what I endured will not have been in vain. I believe in this so strongly that I am giving all my life energy and resources to this project.

It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

2 years ago I began with an a heartfelt belief that lessons like mine mattered.  Today I have a draft for this publication that is over 60+ pages for the main publication and another 60+ on emergency housing.

Never doubt the impact a small
gesture of kindness can make.
No story is told if there is no lesson.
Be informed. Choose wisely.

Together we can help each other with valuable advice that needs to be shared to protect our homes and our foundation to thrive.

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.