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UPDATE:  RVsWithoutBorders is no longer donating RVs in response to the Northern California Firestorms.  This has not been updated since Christmas.  95% of this information is useful but municipality info will change over time.

Anyone requesting an RV from friends of RVsWithoutBorders will be required to have an agreement with a property owner before we can commit an RV to your situation.

Below is some information that will help you with screening and creating agreements for creating  Landlord-Tenant Relationships.   We might change them later or you can Google and find another form that might work better for your situation.

Please customize and use them however you need to make them work for you, as we are not involved your unique situation.

Screening Suggestions for Home Hosting Applicant

  1. When you have found a property/applicant match, complete a Housing Application for Renting Space on a Property – This very basic form is similar to most rental housing applications.  RV and property owners will need this to learn about their new friends. (Acquiring a copy of applicant’s driver’s license is recommended.)
  2. Along with your completed application, please provide a credit report.   You can use a website like AnnualCreditReport.com (Must be dated within the past 30 days) Bad credit won’t necessarily mean rejection for housing, as long as relations with your prior landlord were good.
  3. After receiving your application and credit history, the asset owner will verify your application.   With the information provided, it is up to the asset owner to meet their new friends and take the next steps to create an agreement.    RVsWithoutBorders.org or TIPSfromSURVIVORS.org is a NOT party this agreement because we can’t possibly help with every single detail or know your unique situation.
  4. Once a match is completed, the process begins to create agreements between the parties and file a temporary dwelling permit for the RV.  In some cases with no utility issues, it can be issued the same week.  On burned properties it can take a couple weeks to complete and during the initial community recovery phase.

Agreement and Move-In Documents

Interim Documents

Ending Contract Agreement

We found the NOLO Press Land Lord Guide to be quite helpful.  It’s dated 2015, so you might want to look for a more currently version.   This doesn’t apply to user agreements with RVs, but does work for traditional landlord/tenant relationships.


~*~ Updated Dec. 9, 2017 ~*~
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