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Most people that find this website, will be under threat of evacuation or lost their home to a fire.  I will offer valuable content to help them recover and they in turn will tell their loved ones about the 3 things they wish they did to be better prepared for such loss.

Everyone thinks this kind of event  only happens to OTHER people until it happens to them.  In that moment of loss, their loved ones will  take preparedness more seriously.

wisdomThere is incredible depth to the recovery resources offered that most people don’t have the time to look at, unless they need it or have been THERE and can relate.

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Our goal is to optimize the resources that are available DIRECTLY to survivors in the community while the recovery effort is still in the honeymoon phase (before media attention and volunteers leave).

“Meet Me” by Viewing the Video Below

The video below is from the 1 year anniversary gathering at “ground zero” of the Valley Fire which burned an area 2.5 times the size San Francisco in 2015.

That fateful day in September 2015 changed the lives of thousands of people.  I hope by sharing our perspectives you will gain an appreciation of what the experience of losing a home is like, without having to learn the hard way.

My personal story is at 1m21 to 5m18.

I was involved in very critical aspects of the recovery, so I could learn as much as possible.  Here are some important  examples:

  1. I helped with community sourced emergency supplies in North Lake County.  This was a community driven effort thru Facebook. My role was to call all the relief centers each morning and ask what specific supplies were needed and then gave that information to the “dispatcher” to coordinate with delivery volunteers all over Northern California.
  2. My neighbors and I in Sonoma County offered as a valuable resource.  I helped get the word out about how to help the animals that were scattered across 4 or more counties.  Lake County had inadequate resources for the scope of the problem.  What we offered was incredibly valuable to animal welfare and reunification across Northern California.
  3. I created an experimental crowd sourced RV program called with my close friends.  We collaborated directly with the Board of Supervisors.  It was clear in the end that there were hard lessons learned that we all would do differently.  With the lessons learned, communities can do better in providing emergency housing.  …If we are willing to share our lessons with other communities affected by a disaster.

I have a draft for this publication that is over 60+ pages for the main publication and another 60+ on emergency housing.

Sara Bareilles’ Song Offers Wisdom of Survivors Stories

I have chosen Sara Bareilles song “Chasing the Sun” to tell survivors stories that inspire and help you learn important information to keep the conversation vibrant.

Each small clip added to Sara’s original music video has a story which can be offered in email updates to subscribers, as our story of the past is revealed for the future.

"Chasing the Sun" challenges us to look at the world from a bird’s eye view and see how we are interconnected, as our lives unfold.

“Chasing the Sun” is a beckoning call is presented in a clever riddle about “a cemetery in the center of Queens”.   It refers to the 1964 World’s Fair that represented a place where community gathered to learn from each other.

For many reasons, over time, the barriers between our hearts and minds grew, dividing us from each other.   It created a loss of wisdom and connected compassion with our neighbors.

Fire burns down those walls and fences and gives people an opportunity to see their neighbors again.  For those people, the loss is immense, but most will tell you that was the greatest gift from this experience was the nurturing of new relations and the strengthening of old bonds with each other.

So please, take a moment and meet your neighbors. 
Listen to their wisdom and remember
your “earth is somebody’s ceiling.”

(This video is  a draft.  We have most permissions or are close to receiving them to continue.)

It has taken IMMENSE passion and dedication of an unimaginable scale to survive AND do this.… Now we will see in this final push to make my voice heard by those who can help make this dream come true, if I have earned my angel wings.

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~ Kimberly ~

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This is a draft proposal for crowd-sourced wisdom to thrive and recover from home loss, if it occurs.  With support, it will be polished and provided to future generations.
No story is told if there is no lesson.
Be informed. Choose wisely.

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