Handle flooding of your foundation, road or yard

Below are some suggestions for moving water with sump pumps, trenchers and gravel.

Installing a Sump Pump

If you need to drain a “swamp” in your yard or handle an emergency situation this video is quite helpful. You could use any plastic bucket and drill holes in it for a temporary drain. Be sure to use mesh fabric to keep silt out of the bucket.

This video is a demo with the installation of a French drain under emergency conditions:

This video shows you how to install a pump under your house or in the basement:

This video below goes into more detail about maintenance. It explains the different types of pumps, how to use them and how to keep them running. Note comment about check valve to keep water from flowing back to your structure.


Digging a Trench

This video below shows you how to dig by hand with proper tools so it goes fast and doesn’t dig up to much lawn, if that is a concern.

This video show talks about renting and using a Ground Hog trencher. You can rent trenchers from your local hardware store to make quick work of big digging jobs. They aren’t that expensive to rent either.

This is what it looks like to dig with a Ground Hog trencher:

Gravel for Roadfill

For Lake County, the local place for gravel to fill your road path is Quakenbush. They are a local recycler of building materials, so in another county you would likely be able to find concrete and rock there too.

Quackenbush Mountain Resource Recovery and Compost Facility
16520 Davis Street, Clearlake
(707) 995-0104
Monday – Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

HOT NEW SURVIVOR TIP!  If you have flat spots on your road that gravel can’t solve, then put down flat sheets of lumber and rail road ties.  It is a short term solution, but at least your car won’t get stuck in the mud!  (Thanks Beth Rudiger for this tip!)

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