Divert water with correct use of sandbags

Flood damage  is expensive and often not covered by insurance.  In this article, learn how to protect your home from flood and mudslide using some basic techniques. It is recommended you also read about sewer drain back ups, which occurs with greater frequency during storms.

Please note that the biggest problem now isn’t HOW MUCH rain is coming down, as much as HOW FAST because the ground water table is soaked and takes longer to absorb into the ground.

Typically for people living on the foot of a hillside or near any major water way may need to use sandbags.

Most homeowners have little to no insurance for flood or mudslide.  Please be aware that flood insurance takes 30 days to go into effect. Mudslide riders may be quicker to add to your current policy.

Most people don’t know how to properly use sandbags.  This video covers the subject quite well.

I don’t recall if this video mentioned it, but sandbags stacked higher than 2 feet is generally a waste of time and materials, according to other experts.


  • Gather basic tools – You may need to gather other basic supplies such as sandbags, shovel, flashlights, chainsaws with fuel, sump pumps, tarps, and heavy plastic sheeting and a back up battery or generator for the pump, if power goes out.
  • Get sandbags – Most cities offer sandbags at fire departments, city municipal services or your local hardware store, where there is a reasonable expectation of flooding.

Other Important Things To Do

  • Clear your rain gutters and storm drains
  • Move valuables to higher ground.
  • Photograph anything that might get damaged BEFORE it happens such as windows, siding, roof, interior and your possessions.
  • If flooding appears likely, turn off your power at the circuit box until the threat has passed.

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