Getting an RV – Buy, borrow or donations

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RVs are always the fastest solution to create emergency housing units post disaster. The focus is always on assisting the displaced, which is important for the social fabric of the community, but there will be alot of temporary visitors helping with clean-up, insurance and construction. Those temporary visitors should not impact our housing market which tends to reduce supply and drive up prices.

Some municipalities accepting temporary dwelling permits are requesting that the RVs be manufactured after 1997.   Experienced RVers know the quality and aesthetics of an RV is totally dependent on the care of the owner, rather than the age itself.

We agree with the assumption that municipalities have that the RV should look “new” and are working on language and review process that would be appropriate since newer units can be very expensive and still have vinyl stickers peeling off the sides.

To set up temporary housing now using RVs;

  1. Create a home hosting arrangement between the RV user and the property owner (Learn how to screen applicant(s) and create hosting agreements)
  2. Bring your own RV or request one a charitable rate RV from for fire survivors or request a market rate rental from  
  3. Request a temporary dwelling permit ASAP when/if the application becomes available.
  4. Hook up utilities 
  5. We also have very important Ideas for Care and Use of RV so you can avoid expensive mistakes.

TipsFromSurvivors will provide you DETAILED advice here to help guide you through the permitting process.  Please know that TipsFromSurvivors and RVsWithoutBorders are doing some behind the scenes work to match RVs, users and properties, but are not a party to actual agreements. We will not be involved directly in your negotiations with asset owners, utility companies or your local building and planning department.

~*~ Updated Dec. 9, 2017 ~*~

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