RV Emergency Housing Guide

The goal of TipsFromSurvivors.org and RVsWithoutBorders.org is to help RV users have a successful experience, while complying with county policy. 

TipsFromSurvivors.org has the RV Guide which is part of a larger publication for tips for be more resilient.  RVsWithoutBorders.org is a matching platform for RV users, RV donors and lenders and home hosts for RV placement.

Whether we assist you directly or not, the guidance provided here can help ANYONE who wants to use an RV as a temporary dwelling unit. 

We hope our assistance takes stress off the housing supply and pricing, while the market adjusts… and helps the survivor rest and thrive during this difficult transition.  We’ve been THERE.  We understand.

There is also a great need to host contractors, which FAR outnumber the housing units damaged.  They could have an adverse impact on the local housing  market supply while they remove trees and debris and begin repairing homes or constructing them.

Once you dive into the content provided, each step should make sense. Every RV hosting situation is different, so it requires presenting more information than you will need.

Everyone using an RV needs to understand how to be a good neighbor and determine if RV living is right for them.  So we suggest you read this  Successful Driveway Camping & Being a Good Neighbor

RVs are a great experience for learning how all housing systems work and understanding your footprint on the earth. Many people entertain the idea of traveling the country when they retire. This experience can help prepare you for that.   THIS HOUSING SOLUTION IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It is not ideal for children beyond a certain age (determined by parents) or those who have severe mobility or cognitive impairments.

If you feel you want to do this, then we encourage you to continue toward the next steps, as they apply to your unique situation.  We might even provide a list of servicers and suppliers in your area to help make this easier.

If you can home-host an RV, need an RV, or wish to offer one, please register with RVsWithoutBorders.org Please note, we will not offer you an RV, unless you have a temporary dwelling permit.
Please know that TipsFromSurvivors and RVsWithoutBorders are doing some behind the scenes work to match RVs, users and properties, but are not a party to actual agreements. We will 
not be involved directly in your negotiations with asset owners, utility companies or your local building and planning department.  Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
Your local building department has the final authority on your permit status. They will be working very hard to help you and deserve to be recognized as next responders (aka Heroes!) in the economic recovery.  Without their commitment above and beyond normal conditions, you will have less options to stay in your community.

~*~ Updated Dec 24. 2017 ~*~

Disclaimer: Everything related to RVs Without Borders and Tips From Survivors is being done by Good Samaritans. By using this site or its content or our ideas in any way, you agree to now and forever waive and release any claims whatsoever against the organizers, volunteers, and RV owners involved with this initiative, arising from any cause or event, or any action or non-action, real or imagined.

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