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Loosing your home is a life changing experience.  Please don’t wait til it happens to you or someone you know to take this seriously.

The lessons we offer you are from people who lost their homes. We thought it would never happen to us, but it DID.

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Here are 3 things survivors wish they did:

  1. Create an Emergency Plan (1)  Make a list with your family of stuff to grab  (2) Suggestions to protect home (3) Creating a communication plan (Expect phone networks to go down) (4) If time allows, gather camping supplies, food, cash & put gas in car) ~ You might only get 10 minutes to get out, be ready!
  2. Document Contents of Your Home (1) Copy critical documents (2) Carefully video entire home (3) Store both off-site
  3. Review Your Insurance Policy (1) Know before buying if in a total loss you would replace or rebuild. (2) Know common areas you will be under-insured

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Together we can help each other with valuable advice that needs to be shared to protect our homes and our foundation to thrive.

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.