Supporting this Project has Many Options

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I’d be so very grateful for some help!

I’m doing TipsFromSurvivors and RVsWithoutBorders in spite of the fact that I lost my own home to a fire while severely handicapped and almost died.  I still haven’t replaced my own home and live in an RV off grid.  (I don’t advocate this, but some people have few options when health and housing are lost and have no family.)

My story is very POWERFUL and I hope I have the strength to see this project reach the potential that I believe is possible.  I promise that my passion and vision is like no other you will ever meet.

I can’t make our world perfect, but I promise you I can make a big difference ….With your support.

~ Thanks for visiting, Kimberly

All assistance offered will be used carefully and gratefully in fulfilling the mission and sustaining the founder of this project.   501c3 access might be available if needed.

This is my home currently.  I do take good care of it, but it has significant wood rot in the overhead cab, so I have straps holding it together.

Your kindness could change my life.
No story is told if there is no lesson.
Be informed. Choose wisely.

Together we can help each other with valuable advice that needs to be shared to protect our homes and our foundation to thrive.

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.