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I lost my own home to a fire.  I NEVER thought it would happen to me.   It was supposed to happen to OTHER people.
I almost died because I was severely handicapped when it happened.  My unique struggle to survive and recover is what created the passion behind TipsFromSurvivors.

Below are some ideas for donations or in-kind assistance needed now or in the future:

  • A home… I humbly acknowledge the scale of this request, but believe what I have survived and given merits it.  Below are some smaller things that would also be helpful.
  • Clean room hard drive data recovery $1,200 (Disk contains all Valley Fire audio and visual and supporting documents!)
  • Event planning support for a sponsor’s gala at a high profile venue in Monterey
  • Seed money for publishing a book (One planned in 2017 and two in 2018)
  • A professional film production team to assist capturing the audio and visual of planned interviews with some very special people
  • Visual artists to offer in kind souvenirs to sponsors (Or at a reduced cost.  There will be an opportunity to be part of a coffee table book and fundraising gala.)
  • Any celebrity that wishes to offer “love for lunch” by meeting with a significant sponsor who in turn will offer a donation to the project.

Please note all donations are not tax deductible. All donations are to support the general mission and replacement of my home.  All assistance offered will be used carefully and gratefully in fulfilling the mission and sustaining the founder of this project.

I am also looking for images and video, preferably from the Valley Fire, but any fire is fine.

  • Positive moments and experiences of any kind during firefighting and recovery (people helping each other, renewed life, new opportunities)
  • How fast the fire spreads and when it becomes most dangerous
  • Innovative building techniques that are fire resistant
  • Videos on how to make your home safer from flood or fire

This is my RV/home that I take on occasional road trips.  It has significant wood rot in the overhead cab, so I have straps holding it together.I currently car camp when I go to Southern California to raise support for this project and evaluate other California wildfires, since taking the RV will result in more structure damage.

To understand how my work can impact thousands of people, here is one of several dozen examples.  (Much of the original images, etc are in a clean room at the moment.)  Please remember to donate and subscribe to stay involved!

Never doubt the impact of a small
gesture of kindness that you can make.
No story is told if there is no lesson.
Be informed. Choose wisely.

Together we can help each other with valuable advice that needs to be shared to protect our homes and our foundation to thrive.

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.