Emergency Housing ~ It is for the Whole Community Post Disaster!

UPDATE: At this time we are no longer offering donated or loaned RVs.

Sonoma County housing costs have increased on average 30% or more in the 4 months after the fire storm. Few people can afford this increase in costs.

After a disaster FEEMA and insurance companies are willing to pay above market rates for rentals to house the displaced.  Also visiting contractors can outnumber those displaced, and they also often pay above market rates.

This results in a housing crisis for the WHOLE ECONOMY, NOT JUST THE DISPLACED. To mitigate that impact we need to create MORE housing units immediately.

I’ve participated in emergency fire storm response for the past 3 years.  (Some of the largest events in our state history.) As a result of my participation, I have some experience that can help improve this problem. 

I have been speaking to boards of supervisors and councils, industry associations for tiny homes and RVs, HUD, and more about it.  There is a strong and positive response to my current proposal, but time and resources are required on my part to make it happen.

An Example of an RV Donation

To aid the relief effort of the October 2017 firestorms, we donated an RV to a family with triplets that are 1.5 years old. The parents have been sleeping in a cab-over camper due to their unique situation while the kids slept in the house bedroom after being displaced by the Redwood Complex Fire on October 8th. 

We have a couple videos below about that story.  Disaster recovery reminds me of the spirit of Christmas, by showing gratitude and kindness toward others… and helping as we are able.

I hope the spirit of Christmas can be with us every day!

Video #1 ~ Family Sees Their RV for First Time

The short video below tells the story of the donation. RVsWithoutBorders and TipsFromSurvivors donated an RV to a family displaced by the recent firestorms at “The Annual Living Room Chili Cook-Off & Toy Drive.”   The Living Room was the non-profit that provided 501c3 status for the title transfer.

Video #2 ~ Event Music Tribute to Everyone Who Supported Emergency Housing Aid

There was unlimited good cheer and homemade chili tasting, a silent auction, games for kids, live music and more to help fire survivors and the previously homeless served by The Living Room Center.

Video #3 ~ KTVU Christmas Day Story

Here’s our full story covered by Rob Malcolm and Will Finson at KTVU (This is the original story which is a bit longer on their website.)

Video #4 ~ A Message for Building Departments

Our original videos are so long, but I wanted you to know how grateful we are that you are willing to be innovative. Your municipality lost in one day what it took 7 years for you to build.  Willingness to do things differently with building codes and zoning is critical to the economic recovery.

Video #5 ~  Donation Video for The Living Room

The Living Room might want to use our video footage for future outreach and we are happy to share that.

Making something like this donation happen took a ridiculous amount of dedication and effort on my part without any compensation.  However, giving the RV to this family was one of the most fulfilling events of my life.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this happen.

For further information please contact me here.
~ Kimberly

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.