Water (Well or Public)

What are the overall guidelines for water usage in an RV?

An RV may be connected to a standard outdoor hose bib. We recommend a water pressure regulator to protect the RV plumbing which has more fragile connections than typical house connections.

Cleaning your freshwater systems prior to occupancy is advised to ensure cleanliness of the water supply.  This is done by diligent RV owners periodically.  You can also add an in-line filter to help keep your incoming water supply a bit cleaner.

In addition, it is highly recommended that RV users obtain bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes, since RV tanks may not offer the level of water quality provided in homes. (Depends on their level of care and maintenance.)

What Do I Need to Know About Using a Private Well?

Not all properties have adequate capacity on their wells to accommodate more usage or may have water that has a sulfur odor. Please check the water taste, smell and capacity before accepting a property for occupancy, so that you aren’t surprised by this.

How Do I Inspect A Well for Suitability of Use?

For properties damaged by the fire storm, the well and pump house system could have been affected by fire, power outages, equipment failure or contamination of water supplies. Sometimes well casings etc are melted from the fire and need to be evaluated for water quality before being put back into service.

If you suspect any fire damage to the well you can perform visual inspection as follows:

  • Damage to electrical wires and wire connectors which supply power to your well.
  • Damage to above ground PVC plastic pipes used with the well to bring water to your house.
  • Damage to well houses and special equipment (chlorinators, filters, electronic controls).
  • Damage to pressure tanks which could have been caused by exposure to excessive heat.
  • Damage to storage tanks, vents and over-flow pipes.
  • If you find damage to your well or water system, contact a licensed contractor to repair the damage.
  • If your water tastes or smells earthy, smoky or burnt, you may need to thoroughly flush your water lines.
  • If your system has been damaged or if you are in doubt about the safety of your water, you might want to have your water tested.

We aren’t currently providing advice on restoring utilities on damaged properties because it will be at least another month, in some cases two months before you can start restoring utilities.

I want to connect to a public water company.  Who can I call?

For most people using undamaged parcels there is nothing you need to do except just hook up your RV to a hose bib.

Just like any other provider we list, we have no relation to them at all and this isn’t an endorsement. We wish to help make your search for solutions easier. Please check Yelp Reviews and other tools to make your contracting decision. AND ALWAYS ask for proof of Workman’s Comp before authorizing any changes to your property.

Services For:

  • County of Mendocino (coming soon)
  • County of Napa (coming soon)
  • County of Sonoma (coming soon)
  • County of Ventura (coming soon)

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