Why TipsFromSurvivors exists is a question we all should ask and consider supporting.

When people lose their homes, there are lessons never told as they fight for survival.   Their lessons can be a gift to the future.

I lost my own home to a fire in 2012 while severely handicapped.  I almost died because the insurance company valued profit more than my life.  If they had done the right thing from the start it would have been cheaper for myself, the taxpayers and their shareholders, and there would have been a lot less suffering.

Everyone who was a party to the details of that event was horrified by the way that it went.  Rather than choosing to give up on humanity, I chose to fight and realize my dream of creating what I wanted when I needed it most; more collaborative and resilient communities.

Now with 5 years of wisdom, investment in skills and witnessing the recovery from several MASSIVE firestorms,  I have gathered immense wisdom that can save lives, help us ALL be more resilient or even prevent the loss of our homes.

Thankfully some very seasoned people in disaster response and recovery agree that the publication I drafted can improve lives.

I am closer to realizing this dream than ever before.  And in some ways, I already have realized this dream for a lucky few and probably influenced that possibility for others I never met.

I am doing this because I wish to take a situation that almost killed me and turn it into a gift for thousands of people. (And it helps with my own healing by turning this into a positive outcome.)

Below is the first time I told my story in public about why I am doing this.  (This is the short version I made for the Obama family.  If you wish to see the longer version of the video, please visit here.)

Here is a teaser video about a miracle home that is fire, flood and earthquake resistant and is energy efficient.  I have some very important ideas related to this coming soon that is even better than this type of construction.

Here’s a video for one of the lucky families I helped directly:

There are many TipsFromSurvivors in my archives.  Everyone touched by the project wins because we can ALL be more resilient with the advice offered.  How many other patrons of non-profit work can say that? 

And is non-profit status really required, or just that another complication in our lives to do something we all want and should do anyhow?!

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~* Kimberly

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect your home, life savings & your loved ones.